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Optum Campus Recruitment

Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2019
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Round 1 ( Online round ) : The online round was conducted on CoCubes platform. This round had 3 sections.

a. Logical / Critical Reasoning (20 questions)

b. Data Interpretation and Quants (10 questions)

Time was the only restriction. No one could finish all 30 questions in total duration of 30 mins.

No negative marking.

c. 2 coding questions ( Implementation ) : Difficulty – School level

Choices of language : C, CPP, Java, C#



Part a and b made all the difference. Try solving around 20 over there.

Though people solved both the coding questions, didn’t qualify for the next round.


Round 2:

45 students were shortlisted in a pool of 400-450 students.

It was a technical round.

Questions on one’s resume was asked. Make sure you don’t write anything which you don’t know.

Tell me about yourself was the first question asked to most people. For me, entire 20 mins revolved around one of                    my projects and my internship project. Make sure you know the schema and architecture and related info.

Some candidates were asked about DBMS  – queries and some basic stuff. Some who mentioned Java were questioned on OOPS concepts.

I was among the last few students to get interviewed.

Though my first round went well, I got rejected.

The interviewer suggested me to join a start-up rather than starting a career with an already established company after going through my resume. He gave an excuse that my internship project was the exact work he did few months back after striving in the industry for more than 4-5 years and hence one won’t be satisfied with POC projects one gets at an early stage of his career.

HR round had already taken place for some students by that time and I suppose the company already met with                       the required number of candidates.

All students who interviewed in the last batch got rejected irrespective of how good they were and their first round go.

Round 3 : Yet another technical round. I heard this was a cake walk for everyone and it lasted only for 10 mins at max.

HR Round : Everyone who qualified for this round got the offer.


PS : Hope you are lucky enough to have your first round taken early 😛


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