Operating Procedures in Software Engineering

Prerequisite – Software Processes
Software consist of the following components-

1. Program code
2. Documentation
3. Operating Procedures 

The operating procedures is a set of step-by-step instructions compiled by an organization to help workers carry out complex routine operations. It consists of all the information that is required for operating the Software. The operating procedures are equally important as the program code of the software.

The operating procedure consists of two modules : User manuals, and Operational manuals. These are explained as following below.

1. User Manuals :
This manuals is used to describe how to operate the particular software.
The User Manual consist of the following –

  • System overview –
    It describe the overview of the entire software. It is used to defines what are the purpose of the software.
  • Beginner’s guide tutorials –
    This guide consist of step by step procedure for operating the software. A beginner can know how to use software and the working of it. Overall, it helps in getting to know the software.
  • Reference guide –
    This guide is a help book for the users. Users can look forward for further reference in the Reference guide.

2. Operational Manual :
This manual describes all the requirements and supports of the hardware and software that are required for software running.
The Operational Manual consist of the following –

  • Installation guide –
    This guide consist of all information regarding the installation of the software.
  • System administration guide –
    This guide consist of all information regarding the Administration settings and the permissions that are required for the Software.

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