OnePlus R&D Interview Experience for Android Developer at Hyderabad

I got a referral from one of my seniors. After referral, you will get a call from HR and they will schedule the interviews.

Round 1: DSA ROUND

1) Find the maximum number in an array with increasing and then decreasing numbers.
2) Add two numbers represented by linked lists and represent the sum in the third linked list.

3) Spirally traversing a matrix

4) Longest Increasing Subsequence



1) What is the difference between an interface and an abstract class.

2) Some random questions on Java-like threading, collections, hashmap etc.

3) What is the lifecycle of a Fragment? (In-Depth)

4) They Emphasize on ConstraintLayout very much. (In-Depth)


Round 3: ANDROID ROUND (Resume and Experience-Based)

1) Basic about Threads, Service and AsyncTask.

2) Random Questions on CV and Last Experience (Interviewer can go in-depth too)

2) Using them to design a single-threaded application with multi-threads ( only HLD i.e. High Level Design)


Based on Round 3, they will select a suitable team and after that, a team’s manager may give you a call for briefing. This call can be called a Managerial round and if you are selected, HR will contact you further.

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