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oneDirect Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2018

First round was Resume screening. Apart from resume, they also asked stack overflow, github, hackerrank, LinkedIn user names also.
They shortlist around 50 from around 500 applied students.

Second Round
was Coding round. Three questions were there.
->Min coins problem with infinite coins.
->Horizontal distance between 2 nodes in a tree.
->Some Array partitioning Question
First both very classical questions. So, easy to do.
3rd required some thinking. But did it.
22 were shortlisted.

3rd round
was technical round. He asked me some questions about me. As my Android was strong. I subtly started speaking/showing him my project and he got into them. He asked few technical question about the project such as how you did the animation on this activity etc. He also asked me general question about where did you make it. How much time it took etc type questions.
Then he asked me Linked list question of cloning linked list having next and random pointer.
I didn’t know the solution but after three trials. I somehow reached solution with 3 separate loops with complexity O(3n). Actual answer had only one loop so O(n). I had a feeling that he was satisfied that I came up with the solution when I had no clue about it.
12 were shortlisted.

Final round
was HR. They had some psychological test. In which we had to rate ourselves low/high/ medium for various situations like do you help your struggling peers, how much customer are important for you? and stuff like that.
He asked me questions on which I had marked medium.
I got result 2 days later.
8 were selected and one of them was me 😀

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