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One97 Interview Experience | Set 3 (Backend/Node js Developer)
  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 17 May, 2021

Round 1 
Q1. Multiply two 2d matrices 

Q2 You are given a stack in which element are filled at runtime. And normal push and pop operation. Now write a function in which you minimum element in stack at any particular instance. 

Round 2 
Q1 Given an array of size n contains element from 1 to n in any order(unsorted). Now one element is duplicate. Find that element without using extra space. 

Q2 Given an array which contains the repeated element in consecutive order. Now write a recursive function which removes consecutive elements from the array. 

Q3 Given an array find subarray which has zero sum. 

Q4 Some talk on node js. and its event-driven model. Why we use Nginx as a proxy server. 

Q5. Find the number of unique visitors on a website having traffic upto 0.5 million daily(let’s say). How will you number of unique visitors? 

Q6 Given a histogram find maximum area of rectangle. 

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