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One Convergence Device Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 31 Dec, 2014

One Convergence Device (Hyderabad) came to our campus with a handy package on for Full time Software Engineer profile. MCA and Mtech were allowed.

There was one written and two technical interviews round. Second technical interview also included HR interview. No separate HR round.

Written round-
There was only one written round after ppt presentation. It was pure technical based paper consisting of c, java, datastucture, network and operating system.
There were around 60 questions to be done in one hour. All questions were easy but conceptual and little bit tricky.
    1. In C.
    Most of the questions were based on bits manipulation and string and union.

    2. In Data structure.
    Questions on tree , heap, red black tree and balanced tree and complexity.

    3. In Operating System
    It was really conceptual. Most of the questions were on virtual memory concept and scheduling and semaphore.

    4. Network
    Questions on layers and their protocols. Numerical that needed transmission ,propagation and bandwidth formula. Some general conceptual question including switch, hub and gateway.

I attempted every section since sectional cutoff was there. I didn’t attempt any question that I was not sure for, since there was negative marking. I also didn’t attempt any numerical.
So, attempt each section such that you can clear cut off. No need to attempt all questions of each section.

First round-
After written test , only 4 from Mca and 4 from Mtech were selected for next round.
It was also pure technical round.
Interview started just after result was declared. Since there was only two panels, It was taking time.
    1. Tell me about yourself in brief.
    2. Write program to reverse string.
    3. Write program to reverse bits of number.
    4. Write program to check common sequence in two string.
    5. Write program to the bits which is set.
    6. Describe switch in n/w and how will you implement its s/w.
    7. What is NAT and its functions ?
    8. What is VLAN ?
    9. How client and server establish their communication. How to create socket , explain step by step?
    10. What is socket buffer?
    11. What is function of bridge?
    12. What is IPC(inter process communication) and ITC(inter thread communication) and how it happens and how to implement it.

Second round-
    1. Tell me about yourself and your achievement briefly and your family background.
    2. What is linking? Explain in detail.
    3. What is little endian ,big endian. How to implement it’s code?
    4. What are different types of memory segment and tell about different parts of program and where they are stored?
    5. Explain zombie, daemon and orphan processes and how they are different?
    6. How to create parent and child process and different threads?
    7. What are common segment used by parent and child processes?
    8. What are common segment used by threads?
    9. What is symbol table and what is it used for?
    10. How to use gcc to compile program and what are different options available?
Ex: -g etc..

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