Ola Interview Experience | Set 13 (For SDE 2)

Round 1:-
Hacker Rank [online test]

Question 1 :- count the path in the 2d Matrix, only right and down move is allowed.

Slight change is 1, 0 is there in the matrix. 0 means no path and 1 means path.

Question 2 :- Count the number of the cavity in the 2d matrix and mark it to X, a cavity is defined as all the surrounding number are greater than the mid number.
For e.g. 4 5 6
7 1 5
4 5 6 here 1 is the cavity.

Round 2:-

Algorithm and Data Structure and problem solving

Q1 Median from the running stream of numbers

Q2 Nodes at given distance in binary tree
Code is asked and they checked line by line.

Q3 Represent the fraction of two numbers in the string format

Round 3 Problem Solving and System design

Q1 Given a node in a binary tree, print the in order successor of the node
Q2 Given a variable, multiple concurrent threads are accessing , how will you achieve
performance, strict consistency. if not able how will you trade off.
Q3 What are the problems in elastic search. related to my projects.
Q4 Apache Spark related questions.

Round 4

Q1 Discussion on the projects in depths.
Q2 Design online transaction payment system. Discussion on the nitty grits of the system, fail over mechanism.

Round 5

Hiring Manager, discussion on the OLA features.
Very General behavioral question.

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