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Ola Interview Experience (1 Year Experienced)

  • Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2021

I applied to OLA through referral for the position of SDE1.

Round 1 (F2F Virtual Interview): 4 DS Algo questions(codepair round on hackerrank).

  1. Reverse an array.
  2. Rain Water Trapping problem.
  3. Minimum time needed to burn a tree starting from a node.
  4. Minimum cost for joining ropes of different length. (Follow up:Implement your own heap).

Round 2(F2F Virtual Interview): 3 DS Algo questions(share screen and code) .

  1. Generate all permutation of a string.
  2. Generate all distinct permutations of a string.
  3. Generate next smallest permutation of a number. – Similar problem

Round 3(F2F Virtual Interview): 2 DS Algo questions(share screen and code).

  1. Given a n*m grid of different characters, check if a cycle of size greater than three exists.(cycle must contain similar characters, consider left right up bottom character as neighbour)
  2. Product of Array Except Self.

Round 4(F2F Hiring Manager round):

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Questions related to my project.
  • Questions on scaling(Vertical scaling vs horizontal scaling).
  • Questions on SQL vs NOSQL.
  • Types of HTTPs method.
  • Difference between PUT and POST.
  • How would you search all the numbers common in a small file and a big file.
  • What DS would you use while creating your own hashing algorithm.
  • Some behavioural questions.

For all DSA question they asked to explain the approach first and then code. In between lot of cross question was asked.

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