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OLA Cabs Interview Experience | Set 5 (For SDE ||)
  • Last Updated : 25 Jun, 2015

Design the entire bowling alley system. One bowling game will be played by multiple players on a single lane.

During the game,players and their scores will be maintained and shown by the system and winner will be declared at the end of the game.
Likewise multiple games can be played in parallel on multiple free lanes.

Some rules about bowling:
A game consists of ten sets
In each set,the player has two opportunities to knock down ten pins.
The score for a set is the total number of pins knocked down,plus bonuses for strikes and spares.
A spare is when the player knocks down all ten pins in two tries.If there is spare the player gets 5 bonus points.
A strike is when the player knocks down all ten pins on his/her first try.If there is a strike the player gets 10 bonus points.
In the final set a player who rolls a spare or a strike is allowed to roll the extra balls to complete the set.However only a maximum of three balls can be rolled in the final set.

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