OLA Cabs Interview Experience (Bangalore)

I attended the interview for OLA Cabs in Bangalore for SDE position recently. Here is my interview experience.

Round 1
Written Coding Test (1 hour)
We were asked to design a Bowling game and write code for it with proper OOPS concepts . The problem statement was not difficult . Main focus was to check coding skills and writing good quality code pertaining to OOPs concept .

Round 2 (45 mins)
Tell me about yourself. Discussion about project
Coding test discussion with Interviewer

Round 3 (1 hour 15 mins)
Tell me about yourself . Discussion about project
A lot of technical questions .
Mirror Tree (Full code).
some questions on Arrays.
Suppose there is a parking lot with 3 entrances. U need to find the best parking space for a particular vehicle to park when entered from any entrance.
Initially used Hashmap to solve it.
Then came up with Heap solution with hints eventually.
U can refer this.

Asked me a great deal about Hashmap and its internal working and Hashing when I talked about Hashmap.
Implementation of Heap and its complexity (just the explanation not full code)
Asked about my preferred language. I said Java, so a lot of basic Java questions followed along with classes, interfaces design.
Why do you want to join StartUp?

Round 4 (45 mins)
Hiring manager
Why do u want to leave current org. ?
Why do you want to join StartUp?
Current project details.
Should be thorough with the projects u have done.
Module diagram with a complete explanation for one of the project.

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