OFSS Interview Experience for Associate Consultant (On-Campus)

OFSS came to our college campus for hiring for the position of Associate Consultant (Basically a mixture of technology and Managerial role). The CGPA criteria was 7.0. 

Online Test: The online test was conducted on their own platform and is similar to what Oracle conducts

  1. Quantitative Aptitude
  2. Verbal Ability
  3. Coding Ability
  4. Retention Ability
  5. 2 situational questions
  6. Data Interpretation
  7. Core CS Theory

The coding MCQs were more of from B-Trees and AVL trees (Self-balancing trees) and CS Theory had more weightage from DBMS and OS.

Around 200+ people sat for the round and 42 were shortlisted

  1. Technical Round 1: The interviewer was right away on questions.
  2. What is method overloading, method overriding, operator overloading?
  3. What is inheritance, polymorphism, dynamic binding?
  4. Give a real-life example of Stack and Queue
  5. Gave a simple question on Strings
  6. Gave 1 simple SQL query
  7. Why is Java platform-independent
  8. Explain to me the process when some URL Is entered to be searched?
  9. What is DNS?
  10. Lastly, he asked me regarding AJAX as I had written JavaScript in my resume.

Tip: Be ready with your resume thoroughly.

Technical Round 2: First he asked me to introduce myself, this round was sort of a techno-HR round wherein some technical question + some HR questions were asked.

  1. 1 SQL query 
  2. Sizeof pointer in 64 bit and 32-bit machines
  3. Explain Polymorphism
  4. Explain Abstraction and abstract classes
  5. How does Java do multiple inheritances

HR Round:  Some standard HR questions regarding my passion, my strengths, and my weaknesses.

total 10 people were selected luckily I was one of them. 

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