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OFSS Interview Experience for Associate Application Developer (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 15 Feb, 2022
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Job title: Associate Application Developer.

Joining Location: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Bombay, or Chennai.

Eligibility Criteria: 7 or above CGPA for all branches.

OFSS came to our campus in August(2021) for the position of Associate Application Developer. It was entirely a virtual process consisting of an aptitude test and two interviews.

Aptitude & Coding MCQs:

The test was conducted on oracle’s promptitude platform. There were 4 sections in the test and for each section, there was a time limit.

  • Aptitude: Logical reasoning, Quantitative aptitude, Mathematical aptitude, etc.
  • Coding MCQs: Predict the output of the program and some questions bases on complexity analysis.
  • Core Computer Science Subjects: MCQs based on DBMS, OS, and Software designing and architecture.
  • Verbal Ability and English: MCQs based on grammatical knowledge and some questions on reading and writing comprehension.

45 students qualified for this round.

Interview Rounds: There were 2 rounds of interviews both conducted on zoom.

Round 1 (Technical): This was a technical interview. The interviewer started by introducing herself and she asked some basic questions like my introduction, my skills, and my academic background.

Further, I was asked to explain one of the projects I have mentioned in my resume and then some questions based on my project, mainly she asked me about a particular feature of my project. I was able to answer all questions.

In the end, there was a coding question “check if it is possible to create a memo string from a large text”. I gave a naive approach first and then with some help and hints I provided an efficient solution. This interview lasted for about 50 mins.

Round 2 (Technical + HR): This was a relatively easy round. The interviewer asked me why do you want to join this company and what are your hobbies (both technical and extracurricular) were. Then he asked me if I faced any problems during my project and how I managed with the teammates. I got interrupted by some calls during my interview but he made me relax and he was very much supportive throughout the interview.

In the end, he asked me some programming-related questions and asked me to show their implementations in java. The question was:

  • Find second and third max or min elements in an array.
  • Swap two variables without using temp variables.

This interview lasted for about 40 mins. In the end, 15 people got selected and I was one of them.

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