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ODBS Full Form

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  • Last Updated : 27 Apr, 2020
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ODBS stands for Oracle Database Backup Service
Oracle Database Backup Benefit may be a secure, adaptable, dependable, and on-demand Oracle public cloud capacity arrangement for putting away Oracle Database backups. Businesses can access extra capacity in minutes with zero equipment venture. The Oracle Database Backup Service can be gotten to from anyplace, at any time, and from any Oracle database server associated with the Internet. ODBS gives a tall execution, excess and exceedingly available cloud capacity arrangement for Oracle database backups. Adaptable and versatile by the plan, enterprises using the ODBS will be guaranteed that their reinforcement capacity resources will continuously coordinate the wants of their developing commerce data.



  • Store unlimited Oracle databasebackups
  • Transparent backups using Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module
  • Secured backups with encryption enforced
  • Access control to restrict data availability
  • Track and monitor key storage metrics


  • Simple
    Oracle Database Backup Service gives a straightforward and helpful option to store database reinforcement information within the cloud which can be open over the Internet.
  • Offsite Storage
    By putting away database backups within the cloud, the information is ensured from local disappointments and accessible promptly for recuperation when required.
  • Cost effective
    Basic and moo fetched cloud backup with no extra permit taken a toll for using the benefit.
  • Faster Deployment
    Download a client-side backup module and coordinated with the Recovery Director (RMAN) and begin to perform cloud-based reinforcement and recovery operations utilizing the recognizable RMAN commands inside minutes by fair designing the destination to the Oracle cloud.
  • End-to-End Security
    Backup data is scrambled at the source with keys kept locally, optionally compressed, safely transmitted to the cloud which empowers end-to-end security, unwavering quality and information assurance
  • High Reliability
    At whatever point information is composed to the Oracle Database Backup Service, it is replicated over numerous capacity hubs inside the same locale. This replication strategy ensures that information is ensured from equipment disappointments and information debasement.
  • Continuous Accessibility
    Backups put away within the Oracle Database Backup Benefit are always accessible – much within the same way nearby disk reinforcements are. Reestablishes are quicker and the down time is diminished from days to hours/minutes compared to cases where tapes must be recovered from the offsite capacity area


  • On the off chance that the DB System gets to be inaccessible, the backup is additionally inaccessible.
  • Data Protection is an issue
  • Cloning a database may be a common task, but how speedy and dexterous that’s can affect how costly that assignment gets to be.
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