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OATS Systems Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)
  • Last Updated : 31 Aug, 2015

There were three rounds.
Round 1.
It was a written round, questions were from algorithms and DBMS
1) Find two rectangles overlap
2)Find the k-th non-repeating character in a string
3)Find the row and column index in a two dimensional array in an optimal manner.
4)FInd the set difference with the two arrays.
5)Question related to cursor- DBMS question

Almost 20 people were shortlisted from 80

Round 2 (Technical round)
1) Find a palindrome in a given sentence
2)Skip list-elaborate
3)Hash table in detail
4)Sketch all the layers of Networking
5)SMTP protocol in detail
6)Transport layer
7)Python-Significance over c/c++
8)A query related to group by and having
9)No SQL database meaning with Examples

Round 3 (HR round)
1)Rate yourself as a Software engineer
2)Skills a software engineer should have?
3)Ask my 12th cutoff marks
4)And some basic questions related to my family
5)Finally he asked are you ready to relocate to bangalore?

I like to thank Geeks for Geeks that helped in preparation.

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