NXP Semiconductors Interview Experience

NXP had visited our campus for pool recruitment, specifically for B.Tech CSE/IT (for employment) and M.Tech (for internship) students, offering the position of Design Engineer at their Noida office.

First Round: Shortlisting on the basis of resumes
I don’t exactly know what their criteria was but I guess, it was on the basis of our projects and project domains.

Second Round: Written round at their office
The shortlisted 50 students from the three colleges were invited to their Noida office where they held a written technical round of 1 hour 30 minutes. The test consisted of both subjective and MCQ questions.

Example of subjective questions: Q1: What is a re-entrant function? Q2: What is DAM? Discuss its importance. Q3: What is an interrupt?

Example of coding questions: Design your own atoi function (keeping in mind all edge cases); Design a singly LL for taking input.

Objective questions were mainly based on OS, Networking, and many C output codes(mainly on pointers).

Third round: Technical 1:2 interview
Among the 50 students, 20 were selected for the interview process. The first technical interview had a panel of 2 people where they asked questions about my projects listed in the resume. Coding questions were also asked: Reverse of LL, Swapping of even and odd bits in an integer; Merging of two arrays without the use of extra space. They were mainly focused on the approach used rather than the actual solution. Also asked questions regarding storage classes and networking layers and routing protocols.
This was not an elimination round.

Fourth round: Technical 1:2 interview
The next round was more focused on the Computer Organisation Architecture and Operating Systems
– What is an interrupt
– Types of interrupt
– Process states
– What is Microcontroller, Microprocessor
– Had given one scenario regarding deadlock; had to give an appropriate solution so that the processes could get out of deadlock
– Scheduling algorithms
This was an elimination round.

Fifth round: 1:2 Technical + HR interview
This round was a mix of Technical and HR. Asked practical questions in depth from networking. HR questions like
– Where do you see yourself in 5 years
– Why NXP
– Do you have any offer from another company
– Why should we hire you
– Questions regarding if I want to pursue higher education
– Qualities that make you competent with M.Tech students
This was also an elimination round.

Sixth round: HR interview
This round was mainly the HR interview where they asked general HR questions:-
– What will be your reaction if we don’t hire you
– Questions regarding location; where do you stay
– Family background
– Why B.Tech
– Questions regarding 12th and college performance
Like the previous interview, this interviewer had also asked questions regarding why should they hire me instead of M.Tech students.

This whole procedure got wrapped up by 6 pm within the same day and the results were announced 4-5 days after the interview process.

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