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Nvidia Software Interview Experience | Internship

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2019
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Company name – Nvidia
Role – Software Intern
Duration – 6 month

Round 1 (Written Test)
This is an on-campus drive for both B.Tech and M.Tech. The profile is a Software intern.
Time duration – 1Hr
Number of Questions – 50, No negative marking
Mode – Pen Paper-based

  • C/C++ (15 MCQs, Average but Confusing) – Pointers, Recursion, Unary Increment, and Decrement Operators.
  • Operating System (15 MCQs, Average)– Critical Section, Memory Mangement, Deadlock (All Theoretical/Conceptual).
  • DS/Algo (10 MCQs, Easy) – Mainly Complexity related.
  • Quant (10 MCQs, Quiet Tough) – Probability, Permutation and Combination, Speed and Distance.

Round 2(Technical Interview – 2hrs) Projects, Discussion Time – (20 mins)
Covered my two projects in detail mentioned in the resume. Some basics of machine Learning (as my projects were around it).
Operating system, Discussion Time – (60 mins)
I mentioned OS as one of my favorite subjects so he grilled me over this.

C/C++/DS/Algo, Discussion Time – (30 mins)

Aptitude/Puzzle, Discussion Time – (10 mins)

Round 3(Technical Interview – 1hr)

  • What are the callback functions?
  • Write code to create a thread using C?
  • Describe the thread life cycle?
  • Why Multiprocessing comes as multithreading was already there?
  • Several C programs mainly revolving around Pointers for producing output, finding an error and correct them.
  • What is a Singleton Class? Give Example by code
  • What is a function pointer? Illustrate by an example.
  • Torch and bridge Puzzle.
  • What are virtual functions and how they are implemented?
  • What are abstract classes and Pure Virtual functions? Why they are used. Give Example by code
  • Puzzle – There are three boxes, one contains only apples, one contains only oranges, and one contains both apples and oranges. The boxes have been incorrectly labeled such that no label identifies the actual contents of the box it labels. How many minimum balls must be picked to name the labels correctly?
  • What is DMA? Explain its working
  • Difference between RISC and CISC machines. Give an example of Both
  • What is the Static variable, Static method and Static Class?
  • What is ISA? X86 is an ISA or not. What is meant by the different implementation of an ISA?

After 1 day, the result came to the Placement office and I was selected. Feel free to ping me for any help at

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