Nvidia Interview for 6 months internship (On-Campus)

Round 1:
This was a written round with 40 question and no negative marking.

There were 3 sections:

C/C++ output(quite tough)

OS(average), Aptitude(average)

Round 2:
He asked about my project in detailed and focused on how I implemented the functionality of few key things. Gave to write a proper c code of

first, I gave a O(n^2) approach then he said to optimize it. then I gave O(nlogn) approach by sorting the array and then using binary search for finding(arr[i] – k) where k is the given sum.

Round 3:
From some this round was HR and for some it was tech. for me it was tech.

asked few c++ questions and difference between c/c++/java and few puzzles.

Total of 11 students were selected and I was one of them.

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