Nutanix Interview Question | Placement 2019-2020

Problem Statement:
Lexa is an employee at XYZ. She wants to build a computing instance, to build one she needs to put together three components Processor, RAM, and SSD. She has multiple specs of each of the components, and the cost of them in an array P, R, and S. Each instance to assemble would cost her (Px + Ry)*(Ry + Sz). But at any instance, she does not want Ram cheaper than other components.
Find the total cost of all possible instances.

The first line contains the number of test cases.
For each test case contains three integers, the number of specs she has for the Processor, RAM, and SSD.
The second line contains the various prices of Processors.
The third line contains the various prices of RAM.
The fourth line contains the various prices of SSD.

Every test case contains a single line, the required cost to assemble all possible instances.

asked in NUTANIX 2019-2020 placement

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