Nutanix CTO Team Interview Experience for 3yrs Experienced

Round 1:

Telephonic 60 mins round – Serialize and deserialize a binary tree /bst

Round 2:

Culture fit round . About previous work and about all the points in resume. What kind of problems and learning from the previous work. Interviewer was 20 yrs experienced and very friendly.

Round 3:

Tree Construction using provided in order traversal

Given an unsorted array, we can not perform arr[i] = value . Only reversing all the elements from 0 to inorder. How to sort

Round 4:

Reverse Singly Linked list
Iterative in order traversal
Multiply two numbers without using * and only be using bitwise operations
Some kind of tree rotation
1                           3
2     5         TO   4       2
3  4                               5   1
Explain an issue/project
How does the garbage collector de-allocate the space

Round 5:

  • Drilling down every point in resume.
  • Explain how you debug code in your company tools and extra
  • Interviewer wanted to ask some questions related to the Unix/Linux but did not as I don’t have related experience
  • Many questions about JVM
  • When will JVM Out of memory occurs ?
  • Do you do any custom garbage collection in current company ?
  • What happens when you type in the browser, what are the different protocols involved ?

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