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numpy string operations | join() function

  • Last Updated : 05 Feb, 2019

numpy.core.defchararray.join(sep, arr) is another function for doing string operations in numpy. For each element in arr, it returns a copy of the string in which the string elements of array have been joined by separator.

sep : It joins elements with the string between them.
arr :Input array.

Returns : Output array of str or unicode with joined elements.

Code #1 :

# Python program explaining
# numpy.core.defchararray.join() method 
# importing numpy 
import numpy as geek
# input array 
in_arr = geek.array(['Python', 'Numpy', 'Pandas'])
print ("Input original array : ", in_arr) 
# creating the separator
sep = geek.array(['-', '+', '*'])
out_arr = geek.core.defchararray.join(sep, in_arr)
print ("Output joined array: ", out_arr) 
Input original array :  ['Python' 'Numpy' 'Pandas']
Output joined array:  ['P-y-t-h-o-n' 'N+u+m+p+y' 'P*a*n*d*a*s']

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