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numpy.defchararray.encode() in Python

  • Last Updated : 28 Nov, 2018

numpy.core.defchararray.encode(arr, encoding): This nuympy function encodes the string(object) based on the specified codec.

arr : array-like or string.
encoding : [str] Name of encoding being followed.
error : Specifying how to handle error.

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Returns : Encoded string


# Python Program illustrating 
# numpy.char.encode() method 
import numpy as np 
arr1 = ['eAAAa', 'ttttds', 'AAtAAt']
arr2 = ['11sf', 'sdsf2', '1111f2']
# Printing the array
print ("\narr1 : ", arr1)
print ("\narr2 : ", arr2)
print ("\nEncoded arr1 : \n", np.char.encode(arr1, encoding ='cp037'))
print ("\nEncoded arr2 : \n", np.char.encode(arr2, encoding ='utf8'))
print ("\nEncoded arr2 : \n", np.char.encode(arr2, encoding ='utf8'
                                                 errors = 'strict'))


arr1 :  ['eAAAa', 'ttttds', 'AAtAAt']
arr2 :  ['11sf', 'sdsf2', '1111f2']

Encoded arr1 : 
 [b'\x85\xc1\xc1\xc1\x81' b'\xa3\xa3\xa3\xa3\x84\xa2'

Encoded arr2 : 
 [b'11sf' b'sdsf2' b'1111f2']

Encoded arr2 : 
 [b'11sf' b'sdsf2' b'1111f2']
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