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Nuance Communications Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 12 Apr, 2021

My current work experience is of 8 months. I am a 2020 grad.

Contacted by a recruiter for Nuance Communications, Software Engineer Position, Pune location after resume shortlisting via GHCI. Nuance is an American multinational computer software technology corporation, that provides speech recognition, and artificial intelligence solutions mainly for the healthcare sector.

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There were 3 video technical interview rounds conducted fully online.

Round 1: 1.5 hours

Conducted by an Engineering Leader based out of the Pune office. Primarily looking for candidates good with C++ to work under them. 

  1. The interview started with a brief description of my current role and work with a few follow-up questions on its details like the process of coding and testing on embedded hardware. Then they asked me why I wanted to join Nuance and specifically why I wanted to switch from my previous company.
  2. Then there was 1 coding question done on based on the addition of 2 numbers given as strings, with all the corner cases handled.

They helped me during the process by debugging some bugs in the code. The correct answer was required to be output on the platform. I managed to produce the output for the particular input but failed to cover all the edge cases like (‘199’ + ‘1’).

After some discussion about the work in Nuance about the software being worked upon and what kind of work would I get to work on, the interview ended.  

Round 2: 30 minutes

Conducted by a Software Engineering Manager based out of the Burlington office. 

  1. Short questions on what do you know about WPF, WCF, other Windows SW dev stuff, SDKs, Cloud, my proficiency in C#/C++, Java, OOPS, Rest APIs, .Net, etc.
  2. Next were a few questions on object-oriented programming like garbage collection in Java versus C/C++, abstract classes, interfaces, static methods, inheritance, polymorphism, Eclipse, Visual basic.
  3. Asked about my motivation to join Nuance. Some behavioural questions on the purpose of my career, my work style, balance, type of work, etc.

Talked about the projects he has worked upon like Powerstripe, Dragon, DAX and their importance in helping doctors and patients in healthcare.

Round 3: 1 hour

This Round was taken by two people(senior software engineer and software engineer) from Pune. The very first question was whether I will be comfortable shifting to Pune from my current location. Then two questions on platform.

  1. Given a range of numbers and an array with one number missing from a group of consecutive numbers, find the first missing number in the consecutive sequence of numbers without using C++ STL.
  3. Then there were some questions on OOP like what is move constructor, copy constructor, their difference, abstract classes, method overloading/overriding, accessing non-static members in a static class, .net SDK(as the role was primarily for c# and .net, I assume).
  4. A few questions on computer networks like protocols on the Network layer and Application layer and on the short description of my projects mentioned on my resume.
  5. They were on web dev, they checked by GitHub links from the same and asked short questions on JavaScript like the difference between == and ===, the difference between let, var, and const variables, what do you use for backend (answer: Node.js), my proficiency in HTML/CSS, etc.

All three interviews gave me opportunities to ask questions which I asked broadly on the projects they had worked on, about C#, the role being offered, etc. 

The HR congratulated me on clearing all the rounds and talked about my current CTC and negotiated the salary and asked me for the response of accepting the job offer or not within a few days.

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