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NTT-DATA Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 07 Apr, 2016
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NTT DATA came to my college in the month of February and I was in 8th Semester of my engineering. This company came for the selection of engineers from computer science, Information technology and Electronics and communication department only. Selection process was conducted by NTT Data for filling requirements of post of Associate Software Engineer.

Eligibility Criteria:-

  • Student with at least 60% marks in his / her 10th and 12th class from any of the recognized board of India.

  • Minimum CGPA of 6.2 (equivalent 70%) was required with no current backlogs at the time of Interview.

Section Process:-

Round 1:- Written Examination

Written test was conducted by Aspiring Minds (AMCAT). It was a simple computer based test which includes aptitude, verbal reasoning and logical reasoning section as it was very general part of company selection process. Another section which was very interesting was Computer section which includes computer engineering and computer programming questions. These questions were related to output, string in C, operating system, computer network, software engineering, SQL and data structure.

Out of 700 students, nearly 155 students were shortlisted for Group Discussion Round.

Round 2:- Group Discussion

These 110 students were distributed among 13 groups which included nearly 12 members in each group. For Group Discussion our group of 12 members were called into GD Room. They gave us a blank paper for writing and summarizing our views. This GD part was of 30 minutes which was divided in Common discussion (10 Minutes), Individual points (1 minute per person) and rest of time was for was given in concluding Group discussion and to come up with common views. Our topic of GD was “Privatization in Defense Sector”. We were divided into against and favor of this topic so that we can discuss.

Based on Group discussion nearly 4-5 members from each group were shortlisted for interview process which constituted nearly 60 members out of 155.

Round 3:- Technical Interview

This round was one of the most interesting rounds because I was aware about most of questions asked to me related to computer science. The main focus of interviewer was to know about my basic understanding of computer science core subjects and the whole interview was around to C, DS, Algorithms and database. He was asking question from operating system about banker’s algorithm, Booting process, CPU scheduling, semaphore, threads, process and memory management. OSI Layer, routing and subnet masking (Problem) was the main topics which they covered from computer network. They asked about cryptography and Feistel Cipher which was from my elective subjects. Rest of the question basically includes algorithms and SQL queries and I had discussed mine approach with the interviewer based on inputs and outputs of given problem.

After 1 hour round of Technical Interview, candidates were again shortlisted.

Round 4:- HR Round

This was one of the shortest rounds and it was taken by two Ladies (Japanese and Indian). They asked general question from my resume and about extra co-curricular activities after my introduction. They also asked few tricky questions and puzzles which you can practice from any of the puzzle book of Shakuntala Devi or GeeksforGeeks.

Round 5:- Technical Round

It was the last round of the selection process and it was about the projects and internships. I explained all the things related to my project, like my role, coding, architecture, functional and nonfunctional requirements, test cases, logic, database design, Web-technology, research paper related to it and future perspective of project for society in nearly 15 minutes. Then I spend nearly 5 minutes on my SEO based internship in a startup. That’s it.

Engineers do not needs to sign any of the bond that’s a good thing about NTT Data.


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