NSEIT Interview Experience 2019

NSEIT pool campus process was conducted and is a single-day process, the following rounds were conducted:

Round 1:Online Aptitude Test 

It consists of sections of Quantitative analysis, Logical ability, Verbal and Java MCQ questions. The difficulty level of the first 3 sections was easy to medium but the Java section was Hard. The test was of 2 hours total. Out of 160 candidates, 50 were selected for further process.

Round 2:Technical Round

Due to lack of time technical group discussion round was skipped. In the technical round, I was asked about my projects mentioned in the resume. OOPS concept was asked to each and every candidate. I was questioned about method overloading and a program was given in Java to explian.  Your conceptual knowledge is checked rather than speaking ability.

Round 3:HR round

Basic questions were asked like Tell me about yourself, your family, Why NSEIT?, Why not appearing for post-graduation, Why engineering?, tell me about your personality, are you confident?, are you enthusiastic?, CEO of NSEIT. I was not able to clear this round.


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