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Novel Vox Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022

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  • Last Updated : 23 Nov, 2022
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Novel Vox is a Product based company. Working with a Product based company is almost like a dream for many candidates. I am sharing my Experience and I have received the offer.

Novel Vox visited our campus 1 month back. We have to clear every round. Every round was an elimination round.

The hiring process includes:

  • Aptitude.
  • Technical Round.
  • Technical Interview.
  • HR Round.
  • Offer Release.

These are the important points

  • Applicants who will score 70% on the aptitude test will only be eligible to appear for the technical test.
  • An applicant who will clear the technical test will be considered for the technical f2f screening round.

Aptitude Round – The aptitude round consists of 25 questions on Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude. The Aptitude round was so easy.

Technical Round– You have to solve coding problems on paper.

  • Reverse string without using STL/Collections.
  • Reverse array elements without using STL/Collections.
  • Sort string in JAVA.
  • Sort and reverse the array without using STL/Collections.

Technical Interview – Technical Interview was so easy. He asked me about OOPS properties, some JavaScript properties, SQL queries, and debugging of code.

  • Explain OOPS with real-world examples.
  • What is querySelector?
  • What is inline CSS?
  • What is a constructor?
  • Explain different types of constructors.

HR Round – HR round was basically based on general discussion and checking my communication skills.

This is all about the hiring process of Novel Vox.

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