Novartis Interview Experience | Campus Placement 2020

Novartis came to our college for campus recruitment. The process consisted of 4 rounds

Round 1 (Aptitude Round): This round consisted of Numerical Aptitude and Logical Reasoning Questions. I don’t remember the exact duration or number of questions but you need to be fast to solve all of them. Simple questions on GeeksforGeeks and indiabix will be enough to practice. Around 150 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2 (Coding Round): This round consisted of 3 coding questions and 20 technical questions. The test duration was 65 minutes. The coding was really hard to solve and it’s very difficult to complete all 3 of them. 30 students were shortlisted for the next round. 

Round 3 (Technical Interview): The test duration is 45 minutes. Make sure that you know and understand very well what you have mentioned in your resume. Questions are asked on the basis of your resume only.

Round 4 (HR Interview): It was a simple interview. Questions like your strengths and weakness are asked. Some scenario based questions were also asked.

Finally, 2 students were given job offers, and I was blessed to one of them.

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