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Nomura Holdings Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 09 Aug, 2021
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Nomura Holdings visited our Campus in 2021.

Aptitude Round: Three Sections of questions: 

  1. Verbal  
  2. Quantitative  
  3. Technical  

(Refer to Indiabix)  

Technical Round 1: After entering the meet interviewer greeted me and started my interview with a simple question

  • Tell me about yourself and what are your hobbies?
  • He went through my resume and told me to explain all the projects in the resume.
  • He asked to show any project present with me right now. All the Questions were Followed up related to Projects, how the project was made, team size, Everything in-depth, and most importantly about the database.
  • ER diagram flow of my project. (covering all entity, relationship)
  • How did I design my database?
  • Difference between SQL and NoSQL.
  • MySQL vs. Firebase.
  • How Firebase works(I have used it in another project)
  • What is primary key, foreign key what are the difference between them
  • Unique key and primary key differences how I implemented these things in my project.
  • My Login Page forgot password implementation and in detail about all the features in Database.
  • API used in the project.
  • Based on my project he asked what is the most important thing as per client which makes my project or any website user friendly (A UI and Designing of Database is expected)
  • How will you design a project and what steps will you follow? (My answer was related to SDLC life cycle indirectly)
  • Questions related to my social activities were asked in detail.
  • Questions about my head of responsibilities were followed up and how I did it virtually in Lockdown.
  • If a task is given and if I can not complete my task under the deadline, what will you do in that case?
  • Then He Displayed a Database of Employee tables which consist of two tables.
  • He asked me to write queries about:
  • Joins(left) and asked why left join not inner join and the difference between them. And what other joins how they work.
  • Maximum Salary from the table, since I gave him two methods he asked what limit does and max() function working.
  • Select Distinct related query
  • Count duplicate fields in a table.

Questions I asked him:  

  • How a typical day at work looks in Nomura.
  • Tech Stack Used.

Technical Round 2:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Difference between pass by reference and pass by value, how it works, and example.
  • Difference between Java and  Javascript.
  • Difference between Structure and Class.
  • Swap two numbers without a third variable.
  • What is Cloud Computing? How does it work?
  • Puzzle of 7L,5L,4L water empty bucket. How to measure 6L. (similar to
  • If I am a manager and I have a team of 5, one is on leave and one is sick and I have a deadline in the next 5 days and I am falling short of time, how will you deal with this situation?

Questions I asked him:  

  • Internal Mobility in tech stack.

 HR Round:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • What I do in my free time (one was reading and he asked me which book and name).
  • Do I have any internship offers?
  • Do I want to go for higher studies?
  • Background about my family.


  • You should know all projects and technologies In and Out.
  • If you don’t understand any questions, ask the interviewer.
  • Be confident about what you say (it is the most important thing).
  • Go through Interviewbit questions according to the skills in your resume.
  • Always smile even if you feel things are not going right.
  • Look presentable, fresh and show interest by your body language.
  • Do ask a question at the end. It shows your interest in the company.
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