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Nokia Networks Interview Experience

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Round 1:

First round was a online test based on the platform AMCAT. In this round questions were from basic aptitude, reasoning, English as well as from the basic subjects of computer science like OS, Networks, Algorithms, C/C++ programming. There were 2 coding questions too, different for everyone. I got one question from pattern which was easy and one moderate question of array. In this round all you need is a calm head and you can be through this round. Total 46 were selected for further round.

Visiting profile :  Software Engineer in R&D.
Location : Bangalore


Round 2:

This round was technical round which was a grilling round of around 1 hr. The interviewer was very calm and cool and made me feel comfortable first. Firstly he checked every single detail of my resume and asked questions from that.

  1. Tell me about yourself first ?
  2. Tell me about M.Tech projects ? (as I mentioned 5 projects in resume, he asked about all 5 projects)
  3. Rate yourself in C and C++?
  4. Two coding questions (similar to the questions I studied in GeeksforGeeks), questions from data structures.
  5. Write the code showing polymorphism, inheritance in C++ ?
  6. What is a virtual function ? Write code showing use of it ?
  7. What is an Inline function ?
  8. What is copy constructor ?
  9. What is an abstract class and what is the use of it ?
  10. Questions from STL of C++ (vectors, etc).
  11. Memory layout of C programs.
  12. How dynamic memory is allocated, when malloc and calloc functions are called ?
  13. Questions from computer Networks like IP header fields, TCP, UDP.

Round 3:

This round was both technical & managerial round. Few technical questions, writing code for a program then few questions from projects and C++ then

  1. Two puzzles related to horses, division of wheat between among people(odd one).
  2. If you’re joined in Nokia and was given a different kind of work which could be tough and new for you. How would you handle challenges faced?
  3. How would you debug code of million lines ?
  4. How would you test a black box using new test cases, given results for old test cases ?
  5.  How would you use your skills to fit yourself in the role that would be given to you?

Round 4:

This round was all about normal HR questions. Around 9-10 people had HR rounds.

  1. Tell me about Yourself ?
  2. Tell me about your parents ?
  3. Why Nokia? What you know about Nokia ?
  4. How you see yourself after five years from now ?
  5. Sell me this bottle ?
  6. What are your strengths and weaknesses ?
  7. Tell me about your recent project ?
  8. How many interviews you’ve given so far ? Why you were not selected ?
  9. What your friends think about you ?
  10. Do you have any plans for higher studies ?

My HR round was over. I was asked to wait again, for the last time though. One should prepare these questions beforehand otherwise you might end up saying something inappropriate there.

Finally 5 were selected. I was one among them.

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Last Updated : 01 Oct, 2018
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