Nokia Interview Experience | Set 3

Round 1: Round 1 was a online test and the platform was amcat. It includes Aptitude, English, Reasoning ability, Computer Science Questions and 2 Coding Questions (everyone had different, mine was related to patterns and linked list).

Round 2: It was a normal Technical interview and they asked some basic questions on networks, DBMS, OS, Data structures and Puzzles.

Round 3: It was the 2nd Technical Interview and this time they went deep to extract what knowledge i have basically in everything, whether its OS, DBMS, My projects or Data structures.

Round 4: This was a normal HR interview round where they asked, where am i from. How many interviews i have attended before and what went wrong. In which location you are comfortable.

So this is all what my interview experience was in NOKIA. I got selected finally.

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