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Nokia Interview Experience | On-Campus (NIT Hamirpur) 2021

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Company:  Nokia Networks & Solution

Job Profile:  

  • Telecom domain
  • Development
  • Automation


65% in college, No backlog, and  CSE/CSE DD/ECE ECE DD students 


Bangalore, Chennai, NCR

A total number of rounds:

  1. Aptitude & coding (AMCAT platform)
  2. Coding (Hacker Earth platform)
  3. Technical interview (1-hour slot)
  4. HR interview (15 min slot)

Round-1: (Aptitude & coding)

  • The level was very easy.
  • There were 200+ students.
  • This round had 5 sections.
  • It also had one additional section (for ECE Students)


  • Time duration: 18 min
  • This section had 22 Verbal Ability questions.


  • Time duration: 14 min
  • This section had 14 Reasoning questions.


  • Time duration: 16 min
  • This section had 16 Quantitative questions.


  • Time duration: 25 min
  • This section had 20 Technical questions ( based on C++ & DS).


This section had two Coding Problems.

(All candidates had different questions)

  1. An unsorted array was given, how many maximum permutations are required to sort the array?
  2. A string conversion from lowercase to uppercase and vice versa.

Note: –This additional section had semiconductor-based questions for ECE students.

Round-2: (Coding)

  • There were 97 students.
  • All candidates had the same questions.
  • Time duration: 3 hours
  • Number of problems: 3
  • Platform: Hacker Earth coding platform


  • Marks: 20 marks
  • Level: Easy (Based on the factor of natural number & maths)


  • Marks: 50 marks
  • Level: Moderate (Based on the graph)


  • Marks: 100  marks
  • Level: Hard (Based on prime numbers & Dynamic programming)

Note:  Those students who scored 80 out of 170 marks have qualified for next round.

Round-3: (Technical Interview)

  • There were 37 students.
  • There were three interviewers in the panel.
  • Time duration: 60-70 minutes.

First interviewer: –

The following type of questions have been asked by the first interviewer:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Which problem you found as most challenging during Round-2 i.e., Coding round, and how you have solved that. Have you tried to solve that problem by another method after the test? Was that solution 100% correct?

Provided with two coding problems and asked to share the screen during solving the problems (level-easy).  

  • A Duplicate elements array was given, how many total numbers of pairs are there of duplicate elements and asked to tell complexity and optimize your solution.
  • A circular string was given, find a string ptr in string str and optimize your solution.

Second interviewer: –

The following type of questions have been asked by the second interviewer:

  1. Tell me about OOPS concepts.
  2. What is inheritance?
  3. Real-life example of inheritance with proper explanation.
  4. Copy Constructor
  5. virtual function
  6. What is security?

Third interviewer: –

The third interviewer has asked two puzzles:

1. 4 litres water measurement using 3 & 5 litres jug.

2. Based on probability and permutations.

Round-4 (HR Interview):

There were 25 students.

Time duration: 10-15 mins

Questions were like:

  1. Introduction
  2. How have you spent your lockdown?
  3. Tell your views on the problem of relocation.
  4. Tell your views on the problem of day/night shift.
  5. Asked about your family background.
  6. Tell your Hobbies.
  7. Have you done any internships?
  8. Suppose you face the problem at the eleventh hour of major project submission, how will you manage the situation and mention this problem to your mentor.

Total number of selections: 25 students

Final piece of advice :

  1. Interview was totally based upon the resume and your skills. So try to be wise with your resume and keep it simple.
  2. They were focusing on the problem-solving skills & thought power, not on the exact solution. So try to solve the puzzles and problems from any platform like gfg etc.
  3. The interviewerThe interview mainly focused on data structure, Oops concepts & programming. So try to strong these topics.
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Last Updated : 03 Feb, 2021
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