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Node.js Query String

  • Last Updated : 09 Apr, 2021

The Query String module used to provides utilities for parsing and formatting URL query strings.It can be used to convert query string into JSON object and vice-versa. 

The Query String is the part of the URL that starts after the question mark(?).

Requiring Module: You can include the module using the following code:

const querystring = require('querystring');

Note: It’s not a global object, so need to install it explicitly.
Install Module:

npm install querystring

Example 1: Using parse():


// Importing the models
import url from 'url'
import querystring from 'querystring'
// A URL is taken
let exampleUrl = 
//Parse the whole URL
let parsed_Url = url.parse(exampleUrl);
// Parse only querystring.
let parsed_queryString = querystring.parse(parsed_Url.query);
// Print thr result.
console.log("This is parsed URL :",parsed_Url);
console.log("This is parsed Query String :",parsed_queryString);


This is parsed URL : Url {
  protocol: 'http:',
  slashes: true,
  auth: null,
  host: '',
  port: '81',
  hostname: '',
  hash: '#p2',
  search: '?user=GEEKSFORGEEKS&year=2021',
  query: 'user=GEEKSFORGEEKS&year=2021',
  pathname: '/a/b/c.html',
  path: '/a/b/c.html?user=GEEKSFORGEEKS&year=2021',
This is parsed Query String : [Object: null prototype] 
               { user: 'GEEKSFORGEEKS', year: '2021' }

Example 2: Using stringify(): 


// Importing the model
import querystring from 'querystring'
// Specify the  object 
// to be serialized 
const q2=querystring.stringify({
// Print the result.




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