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Node.js hmac.digest() Method

  • Last Updated : 26 May, 2021

The hmac.digest() method is an inbuilt application programming interface of class hmac within crypto module which is used to return the hmac hash value of inputted data.  



Parameter: This method takes encoding as a parameter which is an optional parameter.

Return Value: This method calculates the hmac digest of all data pass using hmac.update(). If no encoding provided then Buffer is returned, otherwise String is returned. 

Note: The hmac.digest() performs final operations. So, hmac object become unusable after calling hmac.digest(). Calling multiple hmac.digest() causing error. 

Project Setup: Create a new NodeJS project and name it hmac

mkdir hmac && cd hmac
npm init -y
npm install crypto

Now create a .js file in your project root directory and name it index.js

Example 1: 


// Node.js program to demonstrate the
// crypto hmac.digest() method
// Importing crypto module
const { createHmac } = require('crypto')
// Creating and initializing algorithm
// and password
const algo = 'sha256'
const secret = 'GFG Secret Key'
// Create an HMAC instance
const hmac = createHmac(algo, secret)
// Update the internal state of
// the hmac object
// Perform the final operations
// No encoding provided
// Return calculated hmac hash
// value as Buffer
let result = hmac.digest()
// Check whether returns value is
// instance of buffer or not
console.log(Buffer.isBuffer(result)) // true
// Convert buffer to string
result = result.toString('hex')
// Print the result
console.log(`HMAC hash: ${result}`)

Run the index.js file using the following command:

node index.js


HMAC hash: c8ae3e09855ae7ac3405ad60d93758edc0ccebc1cf5c529bfb5d058674695c53

Example 2:


// Node.js program to demonstrate the    
// crypto hmac.digest() method
// Defining myfile
const myfile = process.argv[2];
// Includes crypto and fs module
const crypto = require('crypto');
const fs = require('fs');
// Creating and initializing 
// algorithm and password
const algo = 'sha256'
const secret = 'GFG Secret Key'
// Creating Hmac
const hmac = crypto.createHmac(algo, secret);
// Creating read stream
const readfile = fs.createReadStream(myfile);
readfile.on('readable', () => {
    // Calling read method to read data
    const data =;
    if (data) {
        // Updating
    } else {
        // Perform the final operations 
        // Encoding provided
        // Return hmac hash value
        const result = hmac.digest('base64')
        // Display result
    `HMAC hash value of ${myfile}: ${result}`);

Run the index.js file using the following command:

node index.js package.json


HMAC hash value of package.json: 


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