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Node.js Frameworks

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Introduction: Node.js is a platform designed to build network applications. It is a server-side, open-source environment that allows you to develop a scalable network application. It makes use of JavaScript for writing the code which can be run in the Node.js runtime itself. It is available for use on Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X. It also provides a collection of libraries of different JavaScript modules that would help in the development of web applications. 

What is a Node Framework ? 
A framework is a collection of various libraries and tools that are required in the development process of a software application. It acts as a base on which different software applications can be developed. A node framework is a workspace platform that supports the use of Node.js and which allows developers to use JavaScript for developing front end as well as the back end of an application. Node frameworks are a wide collection of frameworks built on Node and that extend its properties and functionalities further. 

Benefits of Node Framework 

  • Productivity
  • Scalability
  • Speed
  • Same Languages for Front-end and Back-end
  • Maintaining Code standards across a team

Node.js Frameworks: 

  • Express.js: It is a fast, robust and asynchronous Model-View-Controller framework for Node.js. It helps to direct server and routes. It helps to design various web applications and based on passing arguments to templates. It allows us to dynamically render HTML Pages. We use Express.js because of its fast-track and high-speed I/O, nonparallel and single-threaded nature, MVC like structure and its Robust API that makes routing easy. Some of the popular frameworks are built on Express.js additionally.
  • AdonisJS: It is a Node.js MVC framework that provides the ability to write web applications by using less code and focuses on being a stable framework in the colony of Node frameworks. One important factor about AdonisJS is that it contains a number of test modules that help to improve the efficiency of one’s code.
  • MeteorJS: It is an open-source Node.js web framework. It is responsible for producing cross-platform codes and for rapid prototyping as well. It can be used with its own templating engine or with any other framework as well.
  • NestJS: It is a Node.js framework used for building server-side applications that are efficient in every way. Apart from using JavaScript, it also supports TypeScript along with certain elements of Functional Programming (FP), Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and Function Reactive Programming (FRP).
  • SailsJS: It is built using Node.js as a base and is a MVC based framework. It is designed from a point of view of making it easier to build customized web applications and API’s.
  • Hapi.js: It is an open-source, stable and constant Model-View-Controller MVC framework for structuring web applications and services. Hapi.js provides an effortless structuring of API (application programming interface) servers, websites, and HTTP(Hypertext Transfer Protocol) proxy applications. Because of its robust plugin system. It enables you to add new features and fix bugs at a swift pace. Hapi.js provides you with the features of routing, input, output validation, and caching that assists in structuring REST APIs. It’s easy to build an API that serves clients’ needs for mobile and single-page applications.
  • LoopBack is a profoundly-extensible Node.js framework that facilitates developers to easily set up models and build powerful end-to-end REST APIs in a matter of no time that involves minimal coding. It promotes secure authentication and permission settings and also appears with model relation maintenance, add-on segments, numerous backend data stores, and Ad-hoc queries.
  • Feathers.js: It is a simplistic real-time framework mounted on the top of Express.js for writing advanced web applications. It effortlessly combines with any client-side framework. With the help of Feathers framework, you will discover and acquire all the modern coding protocols by default. It has a fully customizable feature that allows Building robust lightweight web applications real quick. As a result of the external plugin, it enables you to execute SMS, authentications, and email messaging.
  • MEAN.JS: It is a combination of open source technologies that implement an end-to-end framework for developing dynamic web applications from the ground up. It is an added Node.js framework mounted on the top of Express. It helps you create secure, robust, and maintainable production web applications using MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js.
  • KoaJS: It is a recently built web framework designed by the same team that developed Express. Its applications include a set of middleware functions that may include certain methods for the purpose of carrying out tasks like cache freshness, proxy support, etc.

Last Updated : 16 Nov, 2021
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