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Node Jimp | Blit

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The blit() function is an inbuilt function in Nodejs. It is used to combine two bitmap patterns. | Jimp which combines several bitmaps into one using a boolean function.


  • src – This parameter stores the source of the image to blit.
  • x – This parameter takes x position to blit the image.
  • y – This parameter takes y position to blit the image.
  • srcx (optional) – This parameter takes the x position from which to crop the source image.
  • srcy (optional) – This parameter takes the y position from which to crop the source image.
  • srcw (optional) – This parameter takes the width to which to crop the source image.
  • srch (optional) – This parameter takes the height to which to crop the source image.
  • Input Images:

    Example 1:

    // npm install --save jimp
    // import jimp library to the environment
    var Jimp = require('jimp');
    // User-Defined Function to read the images
    async function main() {
      const image1 = await'../gfg.png');
      const image2 = await'../gfg1.png');
      // call to blit function along with optional parameters
      image1.blit(image2, 20, 40, 130, 30, 440, 80);
      // write image
      console.log('Image Processing Completed');



    Example 2:




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    Last Updated : 23 Apr, 2019
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