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Round 1:

1)Given unordered array of sizes of stones, need to crush them by smashing 2 stones each other. If smashing stones of same size then both turn to size 0.
If sizes are unequal, then smaller stone turn o and larger stone to (large-small). Always we have to pick 2 maximum sizes from the available list.

2)Given money m. Array of costs of items on size n. A person can buy consecutive items in the list with given money. Find number of ways he can spend money.

3) With n pairs of strings. Characters in each string can be replaced to convert to anagram of another string.
Return array of integers containing minimum number of characters to be replaced in either pair of strings to form anagrams of each other.

Round 2:

1)Given a BST, update each node with sum of values of nodes greater than its value.
2)Given a array of sorter arrays, merge them into single array. Implement in order of (m*n*logn);

Round 3:

1) Implement method to add items to a hashMap where concurrent requests are coming.
2) Questions around previous project.
3) Given a unsorted array and a value (v), Find unique pairs such that their sum is v. repetetions in array is possible.

Round 4:

1) Write shell script to increment build number.
2) Write terraform script to provision 3 differnet machines and deploy different apps on each of them.
3) What is the top interface implemented by every collection classes.
4) Why redis is getting popularity these days
5) What is concurentHashMap, ConcurrentLinedList
6) Contract between hashCode and equals method
7) Difference between NDK and SDK

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