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NICE Systems Ltd. Recruitment Process

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This article will give you information about the company, its recruitment process, sample questions that have been asked previously, lots of experiences shared by other aspirants, and the portal where you can apply.

NICE Systems Ltd. Recruitment Process

About to apply:

NICE was founded in 1986 and its headquarter is located in Hoboken, New Jersey. NICE is a global leader in cloud and on-premises enterprise software solutions. NICE empowers organizations to use advanced analytics of both structured and unstructured data to make wiser decisions. NICE assists businesses of all sizes in providing better customer service, ensuring compliance, battling fraud, and protecting citizens.

Recruitment Process:

  • Round 1: Assessment
  • Round 2: Technical Interview
  • Round 3: Managerial Interview
  • Round 4: HR Round

NICE Eligibility Criteria: Degree in Computer Science or IT, Minimum Grade/Percentage 60% and above, or CGPA of 6.5 throughout the academic career.

Assessment: In this round, There will 3 sections including an aptitude test, CS fundamentals such as data structure, C/C++, OOPs, DBMS, operating system, and easy to medium-level coding questions.

Technical Interview: In this round, The interviewer could ask you questions on OOPs concepts, OS, DBMS, puzzles problems, Linux, and 2-3 coding problems.

Managerial Interview: Ask questions on puzzles problems, and some technical questions, and Discussion on previously performed projects.

HR Round: HR-related common and general discussion.

  • Why NICE?
  • How many projects have you done?
  • Have you opted for any other company?
  • How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • What is your family background?

Interview Experience: It is always beneficial if you know what it is to be there at that moment. So, to give you an advantage, we provide you with the Interview Experiences of candidates who have been in your situation earlier. Make the most of it. To check all types of interview experiences please go through NICE.

Questions ask in NICE:

where to apply:

Last Updated : 04 Nov, 2022
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