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NICE Systems Ltd. Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus)

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NICE Systems  Ltd. Pune visited our campus for recruitment.The Process was excellent and the company is based on data analytics. The criteria for this for the company was SSC-60%, HSC-60% and B.TECH 60% and above. Nearly 150+ students appeared. Round 1: This round consists of following sections:-
  1. Quantitative Aptitude.
  2. Programming(We have to choose either JAVA or C/C++).
  3. Operating System(The questions were easy but, time-consuming).
  4. Database Management Systems(Basic Questions on Normalization etc.).
  5. Data Structures.
  6. One Coding question(Code was compulsory and it was easy).
Round 2: 3 lists have been displayed for shortlisting candidates. 8 Candidates(I was among this),9 Candidates,13 Candidates. Total:-30 Candidates. NOTE:- The interview was fully dynamic (i.e  depending on resume and aptitude score). This round was totally Technical Round. Introduce Yourself? Then he started with projects and asked me to explain the project in a detailed manner and also told to draw the diagrams like use Case, ER diagram etc. Then he asked me what is Binary Search Tree(BST) and why we use? Difference between Binary Search Tree and Binary Tree(BT)? Write the Pre-Order, In-Order and Post-Order traversals and Breadth First Search(BFS) of given BT? Write the code for Counting number of levels in BT? My logic was, Traverse the BT in with BFS and after each level store the NULL in Queue till completion of Tree. Then he asked me do you know linked lists? YES. Write a program to find the nth Node from the end of the list? Difference between LinkedList and ArrayList? I replied in the terms of Performance and internal implementation. In Resume I have mentioned Cascading Style Sheet(CSS) then he asked What is the class in CSS and how to use it? Do you know about HashMap in JAVA? YES. How is HashMap implemented in JAVA? Here too I replied in terms of Performance and internal Implementation and uses. Then we were having some discussion on Community Services(It was mentioned in resume). Then he replied we are done, you will get an HR call wait outside. Round 3: This round was the combination of TR+HR because of lack of time. Two interviewers were seated together. HR Introduce Yourself? About Family. Why NICE? What are the companies you have appeared till now? Why is Pointer less(i.e my percentage CPI)? Any Questions? Some questions regarding Hobbies? TR Some questions regarding Projects. How you achieved world rank-1(My world rank on is 1.) Does Javascript supports OOPs or not? Difference between MongoDB and RDBMS? What are the parameters you will look when you are working on some projects?(i.e which technologies, databases etc to look while implementing any project). What efforts did you take to seat in front of us? have you deployed your projects? Finally, HR told whatever you have done its time to implement those things………..   All the process was pretty good, transparent and smooth.For our batch 10 students were placed and I was lucky enough to be one of them. all the best guys !!!!

Last Updated : 06 Oct, 2017
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