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NICE Systems Ltd. Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2017

NICE Systems Ltd. Pune came to our college campus for recruitment. Around 180 students appeared for the campus recruitment process. The rounds were as follows:

It was aptitude round, conducted online.The round consisted of:
i] Around 30 aptitude questions in all (Technical and general). General aptitude questions weren’t much, only 2-3 were there. Technical aptitude questions were on basic understanding of core Computer Science and Engineering subjects like DS, DBE, OS, Networking and some were based on languages.
ii] There were two coding problems which were supposed to be solved in C/C++/JAVA.

Almost 30-35 people were shortlisted for Round 2. It was Technical Interview. It had panel of two interviewers. My Technical interview went as follows:
i] Introduce yourself.
ii] Asked about favorite subjects.
iii] Asked few questions based on Data Structure, asked to write and explain about recursion with Towers of Hanoi problem.
iv] Asked some questions on Database joins and JAVA language.
v] Difference between C and JAVA, their applications.
vi] Had lot of discussion about my third Year project which was based on linear regression, they asked me to explain whole algorithm and functionalities of project. Asked me for possible improvements that could have been done in the project.

i] It was managerial interview.Almost 12-14 people appeared for this round.
ii] It was mix of both Technical and Non-technical questions.
iii] Asked about location compatibility.
iv] Asked me to explain my projects.
v] Why are you interested in data analytics ?

i] It was HR round. Around 9-10 people were shortlisted for this round.
ii] Asked for introduction.
iii] Asked about my hobbies, interests.
iv] asked about technical interests in short.
v] Asked for location compatibility and 1-2 situation analysis questions.

In all the process was pretty transparent and smooth. For our batch 7 students were placed and I was lucky enough to be one of them. all the best guys !!!!

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