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NIC Full Form

Last Updated : 23 Jan, 2023
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NIC stands for Network Interface Card NIC is additionally called Ethernet or physical or network card. NIC is one of the major and imperative components to associate a gadget to the network. Each gadget that must be associated with a network must have a network interface card. Even the switches comprise of NIC in arrange to associate to the systems. It is the foremost essential network component without which you cannot interface any gadget to a network. It could be a circuit board or a card which is introduced in the computer or PC so that it acts as an arbiter for organizing and computer or PC. It is shown on layer 2 of the OSI show which is an information interface layer that employs MAC address. 


In a straightforward frame, it can be clarified as the programmable card which changes over the address to electrical signals through the cables to the web and bad habit versa like ethernet and for remote, it changes over the bits to radio signals and bad habit versa like Wifi.

Network Interface Card Diagram 

Characteristics of NIC

  • Physical network address All network connectors have a universally interesting physical address burned onto the card by the card producer. The physical address extraordinarily recognizes each individual card that interfaces to the network cable or media. For this reason, the physical address is additionally called the Media Access Control (MAC) address. MAC addresses are six bytes long. An ordinary MAC address might appear as 00-00-86-47-F6-65, where the primary three bytes are the merchant ID and the other three are special information.
  • Network connection port Network connector cards will have one or more ports that are arranged to put through particularly to a given sort of arranging cable. A few more seasoned cards might have double ports so that they can interface to more than one network cable sort. Be beyond any doubt to choose a card with a port that matches the network media to utilize in your environment.
  • Status indicator lights Network connectors ordinarily have one or more Light Emanating Diode (Led) status lights that can give data on the state of the network association. Most connectors have an interface lights that demonstrates in the event that there’s a flag from the organize. If the interface isn’t list, there’s, by and large, an issue with the cable or the physical connection. Most connectors have a movement light that flashes when parcels are calmed or sent. On the off chance that the light flickers constantly, the organization can be abused or there could be a framework creating arrange clamor.

Advantages of NIC

  • The communication speed utilizing the Web is high ordinarily in Gigabytes.
  • Highly dependable connection.
  • Many peripheral gadgets can be associated with utilizing numerous ports of NIC cards.
  • Bulk information can be shared among numerous clients.

Disadvantages of NIC

  • Badly arranged in case of wired cable NIC, because it isn’t versatile like a remote router
  • The arrangement ought to be appropriate for superior communication.
  • Data is unsecured.

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