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Next.js vs React.js

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Having the own or personal website is a necessity in today’s world for every business or even for a personal need but what technology or framework to use is the main question that comes for every developer or person. The important thing that every website owner looks for its website is its “User Experience” and here comes to mind which frontend framework to choose and build the full web application. In this GBlog, we’ll see the two frameworks used in creating the best user experience web applications.

NextJS is a react framework built as an open-source on top of React library. It is created by vercel. NextJS framework creates fast search engine optimize react applications with zero configuration. A traditional react application is rendered client-side where the browser starts with a shell of an HTML page lacking any rendered content from which the browser extracts the JS file which consists of ReactJS files to display the content to the webpage. NextJS helps you create production-ready apps and provides you the best experience with its features like server-side rendering, route pre-fetching, smart bundling, etc.

What can we build with NextJS?

Companies like Vercel, Netflix, Hulu, Expo, etc, are using NextJS for their applications. Now, it motivates you to build your web apps with Next. Below are some of the features in which the NextJS is useful for you:

  • Landing Pages: If you’re looking for building the landing pages for your websites, this can be a good option as it is loved by marketers because it is the first page seen by anyone who visits your website.
  • Marketing Websites: If you’re building a website for marketing, then NextJS is best for this purpose because sometimes the users may open the website with slower devices and their works the next as the website will be displayed on the server through which the loading times improves.
  • SEO-friendly web applications: If you want your website to be on the top searches, then SEO can help you grow. The NextJS provides you the best support for SEO, title, or keywords, which makes your website faster and results in top searches.

ReactJS is an open-source library built by Facebook for creating the best User Interfaces web applications. The library allows the developers to write code once and use it anywhere, anytime, and an unlimited no of times. The library used JavaScript to create its components but can also be created by using TypeScript. The library has become more popular among developers nowadays but many of them are shifting to use the next popular framework NextJS.

What can we build with ReactJS?

React is a very popular library as it has been built by Facebook. Airbnb, New York Times, Instagram, Whatsapp are using ReactJS in their tech stack. Below are some of the features in which ReactJS is useful for you:

  • Social Media sites: Social media websites can be very difficult to build with any framework but using react can make your process faster as it uses reusable components and social media requires various features to be used multiple times.
  • News sites: The react can also build the news application very quickly with great features and UI.

Now, let’s know more about both of these technologies with some of their features and also know who has the best developer experience, ease of use, etc. Choosing any framework or library depends on the developer and so while selecting any of these, the developer experience lies in between.

  • Search Engine Optimisation: As NextJS lets you build faster and more static web applications, while they also provided you the SEO and due to which the browsers make your web applications rank on top and get your website to first search pages.
  • Coding Speed: Talking about ReactJS, If you want to create pages for your web application, you need to first create components and then additionally add them to the router whereas using NextJS can be very time saving for the developers, as if you want to add more pages to your web app, you just have to create the pages, and add them to the pages folder of the project directory, So that’s how NextJS speed’s up the coding process.
  • Performance: If your web application is built with NextJS, you will have to win the battle already because the features provided by the NextJS are awesome like Server-side rendering and static sites as they increase the performance of the web application.

NextJS Vs ReactJS:



Next is a framework for react which is built upon react library.React is a library, not a framework.
Next is famous for Server-side rendering and static generation of websites.React on the other side doesn’t support Server-side rendering.
Next can be difficult for someone to learn without prior ReactJS knowledge.React can be easier to learn as compared to NextJS.
The web apps built using NextJS are very fast.The web apps built using ReactJS are slow as compared to NextJS.
Next doesn’t require offline support.ReactJS requires offline support.
With NextJS, we can build an entire web application.ReactJS helps in building the beautiful UI of a web application.
The cost of developing an app using NextJS is low.The cost of developing an app using ReactJS is also low.
In NextJs public folder there is no index.html file as HTML file will be made in nextjs  according to type of need In reactjs single HTML file index.html is present in public folder which manages the whole react app.

Which one is Better?

That’s a great question but it’s not right! Using a framework for building web applications depends on your requirements, cost, and various other development requirements. Both are great technology providing you with the best development experience. Using Next.js provides you with the best server-side rendering (SSR) and static site development experience and also lets you manage your web applications easily with many tools. Whereas React can be a great framework for building single-page web applications like UI, etc moreover react is more versatile as it is a library, not a framework.

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Last Updated : 05 Jan, 2023
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