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Next Education Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 04 Nov, 2019
Geek Week

Round 1:The first round consisted of a online test containing 20 quant questions and 4 coding questions. It consisted of questions like given a set of numbers can you divide it equally, find the median given an unsorted array, given a Fibonacci series where the odd numbers are negative find the sum of the first n numbers.Out of 50 candidates 5 were selected.

Round 2:This round was a telephonic tech interview round it consisted of standard brain teasers and a coding questions like given a paragraph find the most frequently occurring  word.I must say the interviewer in my case was a chill, calm dude and his tone of speech was very likable .

Round 3:The HR round merely consisted of the interviewer providing details about the company and some standard questions like why do you want to work for this company?.


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