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Nexphisher – Advanced Phishing tool for Kali Linux

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2021
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Nexphisher is an open-source tool with 30 distinct types of phishing sites via which you may get the credentials of a social media account. It was initially developed to carry out phishing assaults through social engineering.

NexPhisher is a Linux-based simple phishing tool. The phishing pages are taken from Zphisher, thus it appears to be a combination of Hidden Eye and Zphisher. The wonderful thing about this tool is that it isn’t difficult to use; all you have to do is choose a website and it will produce a phishing link for you.

The Nexphisher Tool contains nearly every social media phishing website, such as Facebook phishing, Instagram phishing, Whatsapp phishing, and all the others. Because this program employs NGrok tunneling, it may be used on public networks.

Uses and Features of NexPhisher:

  • NexPhisher is a free and open-source program.
  • NexPhisher is a Kali Linux utility.
  • In Phishing attacks, NexPhisher is utilized.
  • The NexPhisher tool is a very simple and easy tool.
  • NexPhisher tool is a very simple and easy tool. NexPhisher is written in bash language.
  • The NexPhisher tool is a small and light instrument. This does not take up any additional space.
  • NexPhisher is written in the Bash programming language.
  • NexPhisher makes phishing pages for over 30 different websites.
  • NexPhisher generates phishing pages for famous websites including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat, Github, Yahoo, Protonmail, Spotify, Netflix, LinkedIn, WordPress, Origin, Steam, Microsoft, and so on.


Step 1: Before we install any tool on Kali, we must first update all the pre-installed packages so that we do not encounter any errors while using the tool.

sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y

Nexphisher – Advanced Phishing tool for Kali Linux

Step 2: The NexPhisher tool will now be cloned from the GitHub repository. Simply copy and paste the command below, and the tool will be installed in less than a minute.

sudo git clone git://

Nexphisher – Advanced Phishing tool for Kali Linux

Step 3: Now that the Archive file from Github has been installed in your kali, we must move the working directory to the nexPhisher folder.

cd nexphisher

Nexphisher – Advanced Phishing tool for Kali Linux

Step 4: We’ll install all the necessary requirements for the Nexphisher tool to operate in this phase. Don’t worry, we’re not going to install them one by one; instead, we’ll run the “Setup” file created by the Nexphisher using the command below.

sudo bash setup

Nexphisher – Advanced Phishing tool for Kali Linux

This tool’s setup will take some time, although that time may vary depending on your network and computer configuration.


To use the NexPhisher Tool, simply run the bash file provided in the tool; simply type the following command and the tool will begin to run.

bash nexphisher

Nexphisher – Advanced Phishing tool for Kali Linux

After that, we can use the following command to start the tool. You can see the tool’s first appearance below, and we’ve chosen any choice for demonstration reasons.

The Nexphisher tool’s main menu will now appear. Now you must choose a social networking platform, such as Facebook or Instagram. To choose a social media, type the number in front of it and press Enter.

Type 2 to select Instagram.

You may now choose any choice you choose, depending on your social engineering strategies. All of the alternatives are fantastic; but, for basic Instagram hacking, choose option 1 and click Enter.

After picking the phishing template, you will be presented with a number of port forwarding choices from which to choose.

Your link will be generated here, and all you have to do now is copy it and email it to the victim. Keep in mind that you must copy the entire URL.

After the victim clicks on the link, the phishing website looks like this.

Wait, when the victim clicks on the link, he will be sent to a phony Instagram page, where he will fill out the information and click the login button, and you will have the victim’s username and password. To exit the tool, use CTRL + C on your keyboard.

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