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Newzera Interview Experience

Last Updated : 02 Mar, 2020
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The hiring process Newzera followed for an internship.
1st round: Mock interview around 15 min, where they asked me about my projects.
2nd round: Four cognitive test
Demo Quiz: To let you understand how the platform works so that you have a seamless experience and are actually able to rock your test.

1- Cognitive Assessment I – Duration of 12 minutes comprising 50 questions which would consist of Numerical reasoning, Logical reasoning and Verbal reasoning.

2- Cognitive Assessment II – It was an arithmetical assessment with a duration of 05 minutes, comprising of 10 questions.

3- Cognitive Assessment III – It is logical reasoning and Decision making assessment

3rd round: Coding round 8 programming questions in 3 hrs held at hackerrank ( I have score 700/800).

4th round: Coding interview round over video call of 2hrs asked me about my learning and 2 coding questions, a) given 2 numbers and find the quotient by using subtraction adding and shifting operation.
b) check if given a binary tree is symmetric or not. ( I did exceptionally well)

5th & final round: Take-home assignment which I have completed very well excluding bonus questions. I was asked to build a front end application in 2 hrs.

I have put so much effort and time to clear all the rounds and was pretty confident to get selected but no they surprised me. After all efforts, I am not selected for the internship. It would blow anyone’s confidence level. Over asking about the feedback they never bothered to reply to my emails.

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