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Newzera Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 07 Sep, 2020
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Newzera, is a love child of unflinching belief and vision of a better tomorrow. Their cause is to break the irrational, deceptive, and money mongering facade of journalism. Their belief is that consumers deserve better. They want to create a world-class platform based on robo-journalism. With their creative solutions and great team, they’re all set to reinvent the space of online journalism. In a nutshell, Newzera is a product that’s Indian at heart but possesses a global approach and strength.

Their idea seemed very interesting, so I wanted to dig deeper, and joining the team could be a way out. In February 2020, I found out that Newzera is hiring Software Engineering Interns. Without any further delay, I applied for the role. I passed the resume screening and the hiring process started in a week.

Round 1 (Cognitive Assessments):  The series included a total of 4 short assessments, all based on cognitive ability. The basic idea behind these was to provide a simulated environment where one’s ability to learn and adapt to speed with accuracy could be justifiably appraised.

  1. Cognitive Assessment I: It was a Numerical reasoning, Logical reasoning, and Verbal reasoning assessment, with a duration of 12 minutes, consisting of 50 questions.
  2. Cognitive Assessment II: It was an Arithmetical assessment, with a duration of 05 minutes, consisting of 10 questions.
  3. Cognitive Assessment III: It was Logical reasoning and Decision-making assessment, with a duration of 05 minutes, comprising 20 questions.
  4. Cognitive Assessment IV: It was an Abstract reasoning evaluation to assess spatial intelligence and cognition, with a duration of 05 minutes, comprising 15 questions.

I was able to qualify this round and moved to Round 2.

Round 2 (Coding Assessment): This round was to test my coding skills. There were 8 programming questions that were to be finished within 3 hrs. I was shared a Coderbyte link to take the assessment. Talking about the difficulty level of the questions – 2 easy, 4 medium, and 2 hard. I had solved 7 questions completely.

I was able to qualify this round and moved to the final round.

Round 3 (Take-home Assignments): This was the final round of the hiring process. It could be a Coding Interview, but since I had mentioned ReactJs in my resume, I was given this assignment on React Native.

There were two assignments:

  1. Assignment 1: It was based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I was given a design that I had to implement within 90 minutes.
  2. Assignment 2: It was a React Native assignment. I had to develop an app in 48 hours. The design and features to be included were given to me.

I could finish the first assignment before time but since I had never worked on React Native, it took me a lot of time and effort to finish the second assignment. Being familiar with ReactJs was a great help, but creating a web app and creating a mobile app are two different things. So, unfortunately, I couldn’t import all the features as asked in the second assignment. Soon the deadline approached and I had to submit it.

I knew that I messed up and lost the chance to this great opportunity. I received my rejection in a week. It was disheartening, but everything happens for something good. I learned a lot during the whole process. The knowledge gained is never wasted.

Keep working, hard work always pays off! ❤

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