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Newgen Interview Experience for Software Developer (On-Campus 2021)

Last Updated : 01 Feb, 2021
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First of all their shortlisting criteria was too different than other companies. Students having (90% + marks in 10 and 12, & 6+ CGPA in B.E.) OR (8+ CGPA in B.E. ) were qualified for their 1st round.

1st round  ( Aptitude )

Shortlisted students pre placement talk link on the day of the test and this test contains basic questions from CS subjects and some basic maths  questions. 

2nd round (Psychometric Test)

After this we got a link for the Psychometric Test in the evening.

(Read them carefully / If your English is good you needn’t to worry about).

3rd Round (Tech Interview)

First of all be familiar with your projects and internships, interviewer will surely give some time here.

As this time whole process was virtual, their meeting platform( hire pro) has separate space like google docs for the coding part.

  1. Interviewer asked me a question from DBMS (from joins ) and then asked to solve a question based on join ( gave two tables and asked some queries based on joins itself).
  2. Another questions was based on strings ( palindrome type).
  3. And one was from arrays and asked to solve in different ways also its time complexity.

4th Round(HR Round)

There were 6 students who got mail for HR round and i was one of them. 

General questions were asked like :

  1. about yourself
  2. what are your area of improvement
  3. do you have broadband connection
  4. any question you want to ask.

Whole process was very smooth. 

PS:  Please wait in the lobby for at least 10 minutes if interviewer is not there.

HR round is just formality but they may not recruit any student from you campus, if you TPC is not strong enough.

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