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Newfold Digital (Endurance International Group) Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 26 Oct, 2021
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Newfold digital (Endurance International Group) visited our campus for hiring in the month of September 2021 for the position of

  • Operations Engineer
  • DBA Engineer

(Around 1500 students from CSE and circuit branches took this test)

ROUND 1 (60 min Online MCQ): The first round was conducted on Talview Platform with around 60-64 questions from computer networks, DBMS, OS, and some are also from Basics of DSA.It was a time-bounded test so the level was medium-hard.

(Around 100 students made it to the next round)

ROUND 2 (60 min Coding Test): The second round was conducted on the Talview platform which had interfaces the same as HackerEarth. Three coding Questions were asked from an easy-medium level that has to complete within the given time. I was able to do all three in less than 40 minutes.

  • String Decoding
  • DP (easy question)
  • String manipulation

(Around 20 students made it to the next round)

ROUND 3 (100-120 min Technical Interview): They declared the result of the previous round on next day morning and I was in the first slot. It was started with warm greetings and directly moved to the in-depth operating system.i was interviewed for the position of operations engineer so they wanted to test my core knowledge of OS and CN.

The interviewer was nice and chill. Instead of questions and answers, we started discussing the things like friends. the discussion went from which OS I use to what can I do to improve that OS?

  1. Explain the Linux boot process?
  2. What is MBR? what is init? and what is its priority?
  3. Linux desktop environments?
  4. Package managers in Linux ? in macOS? in windows?
  5. What happens when a hard drive fails? in which part BIOS is stored?
  6. Explain dual boot in layman terms?
  7. What is bootable device and persistence storage? and all about Linux distros?

We discussed few more questions that I don’t remember but it was all about Linux and macOS.

He asked few networking and DBMS concepts and asked me to explain the OSI model from bottom to top. (it was a little tricky because he wanted to know everything in depth.)

They conducted the 4th round for the students who cleared this round Immediately.

(Around 10 mins later I had my 4th round scheduled )

ROUND 4 (100-120 min Techincal Interview): This round was around a Resume and followed some system design questions.

This round took by a Senior engineer having 10+ years of experience. he greeted me with a warm welcome and started asking questions on my resume. asked each and every word written on my resume. I request please be honest with your resume. I had some projects for the community and some experience in open source which helped to answer nearly all questions on a resume. after this, the real hard round was started 

The interviewer asked me to share my screen and started asking questions on the network tab in inspect element of Chrome. from network protocols to a compression algorithm to status codes this discussion lasted till 40-50 min.

After this, he asked me to design a system like the COWIN website which can handle the vaccination registration for the entire globe. from load balancers to cashing everything in depth. this discussion ended on a good point he was pretty much satisfied with my explanations.

After this, he moved to the DevOps part from basics CI/CD to Kubernetes orchestration. I had little experience in CI/CD he was satisfied with my answers but asked me to study this concept thoroughly. 

ROUND 5 (HR Round Telephonic): After the 4th round, I felt I won’t make it next round because till evening no contact from hr or PAT team. Around 8 pm HR called and asked some basics behavioral questions.

After two days They declared the results and only 1 student was selected and that was me ๐Ÿ™‚ 


Final verdict: SELECTED !!!

The Interview experience was smooth and had a medium to hard difficulty level provided you were thorough with the Core Subjects and had Good coding experience, so start with GfG Practice and LeetCode already.


  • Please be honest with resume
  • Never study to score marks be thorough with the basics and concepts.
  • Start preparing early as possible. find peers with the same interests as yours and that’s it.

ALL THE BEST for your placements !!!

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