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Network Programming Python – HTTP Requests

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HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol, which works on the client-server machine. In most cases, the web browser acts as the client, and the computer which hosts the website acts as a server. Python provides the requests module to play with HTTP requests. The requests module plays a major role in HTTP requests, apart from simple request and the response it can handle different types of HTTP communications like authentication, compression, decompression, chunked request, etc.

Installing Requests Module

Before installing the module make sure your Python environment is up-to-date. After that install the pip and use the python package manager to install the request module.

pip install requests 

Request methods

The request module provides various request methods that are used to perform actions on the resources provided by the given Request-URI.

delete(url, args)used to DELETE all the contents represented by the current target source of the specified URL.
get(url, params, args)used to GET information from the server of a specified URL, it only retrieves data and does not affect other resources.
head(url, args) it is the same as GET used transfers status line and header of the specified URL.
patch(url, data, args)used to send a PATCH request to the URL.
post(url, data, json, args)Used to POST data to the server specified by the URL.
put(url, data, args)used to replace all the uploaded contents represented by the current target source of the specified URL. 
request(method, url, args)Used to REQUEST a specified method of the URL

Below is a simple example for python HTTP Requests :


# Import library
import requests as req
# Requesting from server
# Getting the response code
# Printing some lines of the request data


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Last Updated : 12 Nov, 2020
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