Netskope Interview Experience (On Campus (P+I)) 2019

Netskope came to our campus in the first week of August, around 230 students applied for it initially.

Round 1:

Round 1 consisted of an online test, the duration for this test was of 1 hour 30 minutes, It consisted of 30 MCQ’s

Ranging from Java, Operating Systems Databases, Data Structures and Algorithms with 1 Question of Networking and python each. every question was worth different marks and OS, DS Algo had the most weightage. There was no negative marking.

Round 2:

60 Students were shortlisted for this round, This was again an online coding round conducted on Hackerearth.

There were 2 Questions to be solved in 1 hour 15 minutes.

Questions were as follows :

  1. Given an array of positive and negative integers, return the integer closest to 0, if 2 numbers are at the same distance from 0 like (1, -1) return the positive value. (20 Marks)
  2. Given a 2D array of 0 and 1 and the initial position, find the minimum distance one has to travel to reach at any one of the edges of the array, we can travel only at the cells marked as 1. (50 Marks)

Round 3:

16 students were shortlisted for this round.

This was the first technical round taken by the Managing Director of Netskope India. I was given a server with a fixed capacity and was asked to implement a way so that the server did not crash on receiving a huge amount of requests. I suggested using a queue on the server and returning an error if the queue was full. Then he asked me what would I do at the client-side, I suggested using a circular queue with wait, the duration of the wait would increment every time the request was denied. He seemed kind of satisfied.

He asked me about my favourite data structure I replied Linked lists, He asked me about the demerits of linked-lists

and then asked me to remove a cycle from the linked-list.

He was satisfied and then asked me to design a simple string comparator, returns 1 is s1>s2, 0 if s1==s2, -1 s1<s2

He wanted the code to be robust and should have handled all the possible cases. (null, empty, different sized strings). I also wrote the test cases for the questions.

Suggestion – try to write a lot of comments if you have the time explaining exactly what it is that you are trying to do over there, In my case I listed all the possibilities of the comparisons of the 2 strings.

Round 3:

The interviewer asked me to write a query to gind the second highest salary from a table.

His second question was given an infix expression evaluate it.

Given a sorted array, find 2 numbers adding up to the given sum. In O(N) time and O(1) space.

Then he asked some questions related to multithreading which I don’t remember.

Round 4:

In this round the interviewer asked me which I the toughest data structure that I’ve encountered I replied graphs, then he asked me to find the no of islands in a graph.

His second question was to find the LCA of two nodes in a tree.

His last question was that given a file with some points (coordinates) and a given point, we had to return the closest point in the file with respect to the given point. I was supposed to define various classes to represent this point and use oops concepts as much as possible. I was asked to make my code scalable ( if in the future a point is represented by multiple coordinates (x, y, z, ….) We should accommodate for that change in our code too).



He was particularly impressed by my comments in the code and by my design.

While writing the code make sure that you are using camelcase to write your variables and are giving proper names to the function.

Try to use access modifiers to your advantage.

Round 5:

Round 5 was an HR round and questions like why netskope, my hobbies, why a startup, why not higher studies were asked.

At the end 2 people were selected for P+I and 1 for I, I was fortunate enough to grab a P+I offer.



Just try and be honest while answering, if you don’t know something accept that, try to stand out and be vocal while solving the questions.

Remember you don’t deed to know everything just be enthusiastic, prepare as well as you can and I am sure you will suceed !!!




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