Nestle Interview Experience

Round 1: 50 students out of 700 students got shortlisted on the basis of their resume. 

Round 2: There was a GD i.e group discussion. 

Round 3: Only 8 students got selected for the PI Round. 

Job Description was for Sales Executive and as we know Nestle is a FMCG

So, when i entered for the PI round,

My first two questions was about Why Sales? and Why FMCG?

Then they asked me to tell something about myself.

Since I’m a first year student of PGDM, They asked me about any difficulties i faced during the past few months and if so, What did i do to overcome it ?

Even though you don’t have anything in mind, Make up stories on the spot about a fight which occurred in your class and you were the mediator in that fight. The interviewers want to check your presence of mind in such situations.

The interview of one of my friends went great and she ended up with getting the offer letter.

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