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Neo4j | Naming rules and recommendations

  • Last Updated : 05 Nov, 2019

There is few rules for naming, to naming of node labels, relationship types, property names and variables have to follow some rules unless error will occurred.

Rules for Naming:

  • To name node labels, relation types, property names also variables names should start with the alphabetic letter. This could be non-English character also. If the the numeric character is required to name anything mentioned above then you can use the backticks for escaping the non-alphabetic character like `^n`.
  • Naming can contains the number but not in first place like 1Geeks is not allowed. You can use that as Geeks1 or Geek1s. But if you have to put a numeric at the begin then similarly use the backticks like `1Geeks` that backticks will skip the 1 and others characters behave as it should be.
  • The naming in Neo4j can not contains any kind of special symbols for naming. But the underscore is allowed, if the special symbol is required then use the backticks.
  • Naming could be to long 65535 (2^16 – 1) or 65534 it basically depends on the version of Neo4j.
  • Naming in Neo4j is case sensitive like :Geeks, :GEEKS and :geeks are three different labels and g and G are different variables.
  • White-space characters are acceptable all the Leading and trailing white-space characters will be removed automatically. Like MATCH ( a ) RETURN a is equivalent to MATCH (a) RETURN a. If spaces are required within a name, use backticks for escaping like `my variable has spaces`.

Rules for Scoping and namespace:

  • All the Node labels, relationship types and property names may re-use names. The following query?—?with a for the label, type and property name?—?is valid:
    CREATE (a:a {a: 'a'})-[r:a]?(b:a {a: 'a'}).
  • Variables for nodes and relationships must not re-use names within the same query scope. The following query is not valid as the node and relationship both have the name
    a: CREATE (a)-[a]?(b)

Recommended for naming node labels, relationship types, property names and variables:

  • Node labels: Try to use the Camel case, beginning with an upper-case character like below example.
    :GeeksforGeeks rather than :geeksforgeeks
  • Relationship types: Try to use the Upper case, you can use the underscore to separate words
    :Geeks_for_Geeks rather than :geeksForGeeks 


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